About CDVG Communications & Collaboration

I have created a CDVG LinkedIn group, this blog, gmail and a Twitter account in addition to our Meetup site. If you are only interested in attending our meetups then you don’t have to do anything but continue to follow CDVG in Meetup. If you want to communicate outside of meetings then read on.

  • Meetup will continue to be used to manage the group administration (registration of members, meeting announcements, RSVPs, etc). Meetup is limited, however, in its ability to share and discuss content from around the web.
  • The CDVG LinkedIn Group is one forum for members to share and post on data visualization. Many people are already actively engaged in LinkedIn. If you take the time to post something that is of interest to our group then it may also be of interest to potential employers. It’s easy to post it to our LinkedIn Group and others like Visual AnalyticsData Visualization, or Tableau Software Fans & Friends.
  • This blog is a second forum for members to share and post on data visualization. The advantages of a blog is that you don’t have to be a member of a social network to access it. Also, its an excellent platform for sharing content easily–especially media. Lastly, the blog will be used to host things like our list of recommended tools, books, websites, etc. I also want to create a directory of Chicago area companies involved in data visualization.
  • The @Chicagodatavis Twitter account will be used as another mechanism to communicate important information about the group (upcoming meetings, interesting posts, etc). I will continue to tweet my own data visualization perspective at @_JoshDoyle. If you are doing the same then I suggest you include hashtag #dataviz and tweet to @Chicagodatavis.
  • The gmail account, chicagodataviz@gmail.com, can be used to email me and future group leaders about the CDVG.

I created these additional mechanisms to help build our community. They enable us to share outside of the regular meetings and extend the reach of our group to engage others that aren’t on Meetup. I hope to run in to many of you in these forums. I’ll monitor all of these and make sure particularly important content is shared on all of them. As our community grows these communication mechanisms will evolve according to their effectiveness.

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