The challenges of visualizing the US Electric Grid

Matej Mavricek will be presenting Visualization Data on the US Electric Grid at our next CDVG meeting on Aug. 29. Matej is a Senior Analyst with Power Switch. This is an energy think tank in Chicago focusing on effective research of the US Energy sector. He has a particular interest in creating some visualizations of the Electric Power Grid. He will discuss his objectives for a visualization and present the data that Power Switch has gathered. Anyone interested in creating visualizations of this data will be able to post them on the CDVG website and solicit feedback from other CDVG members. Matej will also offer feedback on the visualizations created and Power Switch may choose to use the visualizations in their materials. This is a great opportunity to get practice and exposure!

3 thoughts on “The challenges of visualizing the US Electric Grid

  1. This sounds like a job for a massively scalable diagramming, network analysis platform, that automatically can graph out and visualize a massive network while incorporating mapping and other key drill down type information.

    1. Thanks for the comment Joe. A platform might be more than what Matej is looking for but you’ll have to ask him. Hopefully we will see you at the meeting.

      Also, contact me if you’d like to present Tom Sawyer’s products at a future meeting. I’m looking to organize a series of discussions solely focused on enterprise level tools.

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