New Meeting! Data-driven: at the intersection of design and analytics

Please join us for our next Chicago Data Visualization Group meetup. We will be meeting August 15 at Lincoln Station, 2432 N. Lincoln Avenue starting at 6pm.  Our program includes:

Data-driven: at the intersection of design and analytics by Dean Malmgren

As a co-founder of Datascope Analytics, a data-driven consulting and design firm here in Chicago, Dean has learned first hand about how the modern data deluge makes statistics and design particularly valuable in today’s marketplace. In this talk, he will share his experience as a consultant for a wide range of clients by walking us through a few of his engagements, from idea generation to prototype to delivery.

Great news also is that Datascope Analytics is hiring! Come hear Dean talk and then introduce yourself.

Matej Mavricek will briefly discuss Power Switch.

This is an energy think tank in Chicago focusing on effective research of the US Energy sector. He has a particular interest in creating some visualizations of the Electric Power Grid. He will discuss his objectives for a visualization and present the data that Power Switch has gathered. Anyone interested in creating visualizations of this data will be able to post them on the CDVG website and solicit feedback from other CDVG members. Matej will also offer feedback on the visualizations created and Power Switch may choose to use the visualizations in their materials. This is a great opportunity to get practice and exposure!

Please join us at Lincoln Station at 6pm and connect with your friends and colleagues with Lincoln Station’s great beer menu. The program will start at 6:30.  Lincoln Station is near the intersection of Lincoln and Fullerton avenues. Its a 20 minute drive or train ride and a short walk from the loop.