InfoActive (a Chicago infographic startup) wants your help!

InfoActive is a Chicago startup providing an online platform for creating interactive, mobile-friendly infographics. It was one of the startups selected to participate in the Chicago Lean Startup Challenge. I’ve met with Trina Chiasson (founder and CDVG member). She says InfoActive will help people that have “an interest in visualizing data but don’t know where to start, or those who think it’s difficult to create beautiful, data-driven stories.”  If this sounds like you then Trina wants your feedback. Please go to and fill out the interest form. Trina will contact you and your contributions will help another Chicago startup take the next step.  I’m pleased that this one is in the data visualization space.  Hopefully we will see more of Infoactive in the future.  We will check in with her later in the year to talk to her about the data viz startup experience.