The CDVG Learns, Creates, Shares, & Promotes Data Visualization

The Chicago Data Visualization Group focuses on learning, creating, sharing, & promoting data visualization in Chicago.  Read more about what the group is planning and executing here.

CDVG members learn the technologies used in the creation of data visualizations

A popular data visualization website,, publishes A Carefully Selected List of Recommended Tools they use regularly., also maintains an extensive inventory of resources. Please take a moment to look at these websites and familiarize yourself with what is there. Hopefully, you will see something you want to learn about in one of our meetups. Even better, maybe you will see something you know and can teach the rest of us. Also, please share if there is something that you want to learn or teach that is not on these sites. Learning in the CDVG also focuses on the process of creating data visualizations. Examples of topics include the sourcing and wrangling of data, the difficulties of color, and choosing the best way to represent data.

CDVG members create data visualizations

These may be visualizations for our jobs, for fun, or for one of the many contests run by,, or Tableau.

CDVG members share data visualizations

Our members can show their work and receive kudos, a critique and/or get assistance. Members also share the best, and worst, of data visualizations and related topics seen on the web. If you are new to data visualization then check out the FlowingData website where Nathan Yau maintains a list of blogs worth following.

CDVG members promote data visualization in Chicago

  • Creating and executing a data visualization contest, open to anyone but with data relevant to Chicago. The city has embraced open government and promotes the use of the city’s data. They publish new data sets frequently so there should be plenty of content for a compelling data visualization challenge.
  • Reaching out to Chicago’s schools and offer to discuss data visualization with students and relate data visualization to existing curriculums in math and science. Effective data visualizations can help students understand concepts quicker and more thoroughly. Also, the explosion of data is increasing the occurence of visual communication of information. The ability to view visualizations critically will also be a fundamental life skill.
  • Bringing the leading data visualization practitioners and companies to Chicago for a conference or festival. Visweek, organized by IEEE, has been the premier visualization conference since 1999 but has never been held in Chicago. The Eyeo Festival, held annually in Minneapolis, is recent but already highly regarded. Chicago is home to major corporations, universities, and world class cultural institutions. Leadership in design is part of our city’s legacy. Creating or hosting a distinguished visualization conference will contribute to the continuation of this legacy.

If you want to get involved in these activities, or if you have questions, contact the CDVG at or sign up for our next meeting at